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10-14-2014, 11:58 AM
I just sold my Rhino. It was a 2005 model 660 and it had 250 miles. During that 250 miles I had to have the case welded, new fuel pump, new center brake, new clutch and belt, replace rear pinion seal, replace leaking shifter seal, replace stator cover gasket and more I'm trying to forget. After all that it was giving me trouble when going in and out of 4wd. I was fortunate and sold it for what I had in it.
I decided to give a clone a try so I went looking at quite a few and settled on a 2013 700EFI Bennche. It was a 1 owner and it has never been off road or mistreated (not a scratch on the plastics or the skid plates). He sold it to me for 5000.00 which to me is a great deal. Just last year he paid 9500.00 for it. I was thinking that this bennche would be lacking in quality from all the rumors online about clones. To my surprise it is very nice in quality. The plastics are just as good as rhino and it even has fender flares from the factory. Other unexpected options are the stock blinkers, winch, windshield, roof, aluminum wheels, horn, cup holders, storage compartments, billet door handles, high quality steering wheel and axle guards.
From what I can tell it has the same motor, axles, diffs. as the rhino 700. Maybe it's just me but I'd swear it rides, steers and handles better than the rhino on rough or regular terrain.
Here's the question; Are there any common issues with these that I should check besides fluids and general maintenance?

Also book says api gl4 80w for rear and api gl5 80w for front. All I could find around here is 75-90 or 80-90 gl-5 and gl-4. Does anyone know what fluids for the frt and rear diffs? I'm using 10w-40 atv oil from wally world for the engine. It's a 2013 700efi Bennche

Thanks for any help

Thanks, Dan