Hello there UTVCHAT world. I am new here. I reside in BC. specifically in the fraser valley, but am in the process of moving north to the cariboo very soon. that is why we purchased a UTV. It's a 2014 gio vyper 1100. or more commonly known as the massimo 1100. I got it cheaper as the rear diff was blown. I took it apart and found all the ring gear bolts had either backed out or completely snapped. so I got some new bolts, locktite, and reassembled. now it's good to go. just waiting for a new shift cable. I am looking forward to contributing to this chat page. I am a licensed automotive Technician so I will always do all the work myself to all my machines. This machine will become our snowplow for the north once we're there. Thanks in advance for all the advice and wisdom of experience.