I've had my Massimo 500 from TSC from almost 2 years. I actually had to return the first one because they couldn't get it to run properly due to fuel issues. The 2nd one has been a pretty good machine until recently. About 2 weeks ago I decided to pressure wash it to knock the chunks off and since then it's been...well, difficult. Let me back up, I have had an issue with it charging. I would have to put a charge on it every 3-4 days depending on how much I used it. Besides being a teacher here at Boys Home of Virginia I also maintain all of the campus HVAC&R equipment and I use the Massimo to get around. I also had a small issue with the spark plug fouling out, (black soot on the plug so I'm thinking a fuel issue), but I would change the plug and it would go back to running fine. After I washed it we started it up and things seemed ok. then I noticed the light wouldn't come on to illuminate the "R" when I put it in reverse. Odd, right?? Next, I started getting a "F0000 9" code flashing. I checked the manual and couldn't find anything about that code so I called Massimo. When the guy in Tech Support said "I've never heard of an F000 9 code I knew I was in trouble or the unluckiest SOB in America. Seriously? Not one Massimo in all of the hundreds of thousands sold has ever displayed an F0000 9 code!!!! He did say that the charging issue may be due to a bad stator and he told me how to check it for AC voltage output and then check the regulator for it's output to the battery. OH OH OH! I forgot to mention that about 2 nights later we were visiting a friend on campus and when we left their house after sunset I turned the lights on only to have them go really bright and then, poof, they blew. WTH?! Hang on, it 's not over yet. The next day, aftyer a short trip across campus the little red triangle temp light came on and the engine died. Again, WTH?! I thought the spark arrester might be plugged so I pulled it out, slightly sooted but not blocked. I checked the map sensor and that was also fairly clean with just a trace of soot. Now it won't run at all. I've tested the spark with an in-line spark tester and that checks out OK. New plug, still won't start. ANY suggestions , thoughts, AH HA moments would be SO appreciated. Thanks!