20171029_134933_HDR.jpg20171029_135302_HDR.jpgHey Everybody,
I just wanted to share my install job on my 17 Odes Zeus. As you (probably) know, Odes does not provide an amp/speakers with the Zeus touch screen nor do they turn on the radio function in the touch screen unless you request it. Well, I got a touch screen software upgrade (Odes fixed the engine temp error problem) and had my radio function activated. I looked at installing an amp and marine speakers, but, decided to go with a marine grade sound bar instead. I looked/listened to many of the sound bars, WetSounds, PowerBass, Boss, Memphis etc. I selected a PowerBass XL1200. Of all that I listened to, it had the best (full range) sound without having to install a sub-woofer. It also turned out to be less expensive than the other units that I listened to. You do, however, have to buy the pipe mounting hardware kit extra.
Since the XL1200 uses a 500w rms (250wX2) amp, I decided to power it from a separate marine deep cycle battery that I located under the pass. seat. I also installed a battery maintainer that I can plug in occasionally to keep the battery charged. I did not connect to the main battery/charging system trough an isolator because if it failed it could leave me with dead batteries and the charging system on the Odes is not really large enough to charge 2 batteries. I calculate that I will only have to charge the deep cycle battery after about 30 hours of continuous radio use at moderate volume.
The XL1200 comes with Bluetooth and hard wired inputs. I hard wired the Touch screen (ICE module) output to the XL1200 input. I can Bluetooth my external music source (phone, MP3 etc) directly to the XL1200 without turning on the touch screen.
I enclosed a few pictures of the battery installation.