Went for a short ride tonight of a few miles, medium speed, went through 2 mud puddles, drove a mile, MSU quit running. Everything seemed normal except starter would not crank. Checked fuses and the 10 amp ECU was blown. Replaced, starter cranked, engine started, drove 50 yards, stalled out again. The fuse was blown again, replaced, starter cranked a few times slowly, then no more as battery seemed too weak.

Wife had to drive out to meet me. Jumped battery. Drove MSU another 50 yeards, stalled again. Towed to my toyhauler. Jumped again and was able to drive into toyhauler and unloaded at home. Everything seems to work, but not trusting it for another outing. Mechanic next door suspects a bad cell in the lithium ion battery. Positive terminal shows some corrosion. Will order another battery and see if this fixes it.

Any other ideas? I was thinking a short somewhere in the ECU wiring causing the fuse to blow, but the mechanic suspects the short could be internal to the battery. At least I'll have a spare battery to hopefully get me "out of the woods" if need be.