I have a 2017 ODES 650 UTV. I have changed out the break in fluids EXCEPT for the transmission final gear oil. The manual says to use a regular gear oil and I have that no problem. The issue is, the manual is not clear on where the plug drain is and where the fill bolt/hole is? Is the transmission part of the differential? According to the manual, the crappy image shows that it is part of the diff. Which makes no sense to me at all. If anyone can advise, show any real images or what ever, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, I've tried and tried to adjust the E brake. It still will not hold. Just like any way I adjust, it's not tightening the cable. Any ideas?

We got this directly thru the ODES company and not thru a dealer so there was no 'dealer prep'.2017-03-13 00.41.55.jpg