Hey guys I recently bought a used 2014 1100 that only had 99 hours on it. Went and test drove it, ran fine then when I went to pick it up a couple days later it wouldnít start. I offered the guy much less than what he was asking and told him I would fix it myself. I replaced the fuel pump, spark plugs and injectors are on the way. But there are a few issues I have that I need help with. First of all, it starts up, runs for a few seconds and then shuts off. No fuses are blown. Second is that my speedometer will go up and down as I rev the engine, not drive it. I also have a warning light on the gauge but donít know what itís telling me is wrong. I have tried to locate the speed sensor because I saw some others having problems with it, but have no idea where itís at. Iím kind of at a loss as to what I need to do next. Oh and I looked at the wires on the ecm, there are a few of them that are corroded on both sides. Not really bad though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.