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Thread: 2008 700 Build

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    2008 700 Build

    image.jpgWell I picked up a 2008 Motobishi 700 UTV dirt cheap. I had the 800 before and said NEVER AGAIN! Lol
    It did "ok" but I did several mods to it to make it somewhat reliable. I really like this 700 as far as simplicity to work on and the fact most Rhino 660/700 parts will bolt right on.
    I use this thing in remote trails in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta so I'm taking a big risk everytime I ride and often I'm alone so a stupid break down is something I will "TRY" to prevent so hopefully it doesn't just break parts at random. The engine is made by Hisun so that is a big plus and as long as I use good oils ( Shell Rotella T6 5w40 synthetic) it will hopefully be as reliable ( enginewise) as my 800 was.
    I will concentrate on cooling mods and it will be snorkeled so no water gets in.
    The thing I'm worried about is mechanical failures that will leave me walking slone out of the mountains.
    Hopefully with enough upgrades I can limit the chance for failure.
    I will probably use the stock clutches for now but I know they like to crack and the metal gets pitted etc. I'll have a parts box on hand incase I have to do a trail side repair and in the box will be clutches and wet clutch etc. When something fails I'll probably just upgrade it to OEM Yamaha (if It fits).
    The Rhino's had their own issues so it will take all of those mods as well to keep this thing alive.
    I already bought a new high volume fuel pump,billet aluminum fuel pickup and the starter I bought spins the engine fast even in really cold temps. I sealed the started up so no water can get in. It was an aftermarket starter but we'll see how well it holds up. I'll be packing a spare just in case.
    I plan to just run the stock CV axles for now as my 800 still hasxit's originals on it and has about 2100 miles on it of all mountain riding.
    I will be running a 2" lift kit in this thing though so that will make the cv's less reliable anyway.
    I'm going with 28" tires I think. I don't want to go to big and my 800 had 27"Zillas which measure out to 26". The 28 Zillas are a true 28". I ride all conditions and don't want it to sit to high because we have tons of steep hills here. Still not totally sure what tires I'll run.
    As for the seats I have a set from a Jeep Grande Cherokee ZJ lol. I placed them in there and it feels SO comfy! Hopefully I can make them work.
    I think I'll go with progressive suspentions shocks or maybe even some Kawasaki Terryx piggy backs. I heard they bolt right in and then no lift kit needed.??
    The electrical uses crappy wiring so I'll be upgrading most of that. Larger starter wires and I'll try upgrading the wiring from the stator with a larger vomtage regulator as that seemed to really help the Hisun 800's.
    It'll get a high cold cranking am battery, and if the charging isn't 100% it'll get a RM high out put stator as I want to run a stereo and LED lights.
    I'm going to make or buy front and rear diff support brackets.
    It will have full gauges so I know wat's going on with the engine and I'll install a heater for those all to common cold rides.
    The clutch will get a bunch of Hunterworks product.
    I'll run either his belt or an EPI severe duty.
    Probably a gold secondary spring. Some Hunterworks (HW) "slippery washers" for the secondary clutch.
    I'd like to run his slug kit and greaseless ceramic clutch rollers and his sliders.
    I may be able to run a Yamaha 700 clutch cam plate and I think that allows more top end speed?? I have to research all this but who knows I thought I read the Hisun 700's use one extra spline so the yamaha parts may not fit? Fee free to comment if you know all these details about what fits and what doesn't.
    As for the rad I'm going to use Super Atv's aluminum one. 30% better cooling they claim.
    This thing only has 900 km's on it (560 miles) and theres a front and rear bearing already needing repair,ball joints are toast, and some bushings are sloppy in the A-Arms. It will not just get new parts but upgraded parts.
    The steering rack needs replacing or maybe I can buy the rebuild kits and upgrade. I may just spend the money and put a power steering kit in and HD steering rack in it. I can buy all the stock Chinese parts cheap but I want to upgrade not have it fail then again maybe the China parts are better built now???
    So that's some of what will get done. If you have ideas on any other upgrades or problem areas to address please post here and let me know.

    here's a pic I found but not my machine. I'll post mine later when I have pics.
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    Here's a couple of the parts I bought.Attachment 3229Attachment 3230

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