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Thread: Hisun HS400 fuel filter dimensions

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    Post Hisun HS400 fuel filter dimensions

    Wow. Motorcycle Doctors must of put an afterburner on my package.

    17112-115-0000 Fuel filter [for carbureted version]. Might be used by the EFI versionas well...

    Metal unit, odd, the replacements I got a few years ago were plastic, you could see the pleated paper filter inside...

    Both units are coated with a black finish, with a small arrow from a paint pen pointing to the outbound port.

    The ports are .324" / 8.2mm dia, just a little over 5/16 [.3125]. The ports stick out 1.07" / 27mm.

    The body of the filter is 1.83" / 46mm dia, the body is 1.67" / 42.8mm long.

    My guess is the carb unit could be well serviced by a plastic version. Dunno.

    UPDATE: http://www.motorcycledoctor.com/ no, I don't work for them, I just am happy with their service.
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    The metal version [EFI] port is bigger than the plastic version, the hose fits with a little dielectric grease, but the spring clamp does not fit over the barb. I held the ends together with slip jaw pliers and tried rotating it while pulling it foreward. Not big enough.

    UPDATE: The nylon filters on it right now are

    ITW Fastex Filtration Visu-Filter I >think< "010-14" IIRC...

    Researching now...

    8437-03-9909, 1/4" Hose Barb In-Line Fuel Filter

    Connection 1/4" Hose Barb
    Micron 30 micron
    Screen Material Polymer Treated Paper
    Material Clear PET
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