Hi Folks. So yesterday I was looking through the Buy and Sell Market on Facebook for my local area and came across a guy selling a 2007 ODES 400cc 4x4 UTV for 1500 bucks. Well he got my attention real fast. I sent him a few questions about if it was running and what if anything else was wrong. He said that he could NOT get any spark and he thought it may need a CDI. It also needed a driver side CV axle as that side was missing. Long story short I ended up driving an hour and a half to have a look at this machine. Of course he was a little sheepish when texting with him earlier so I prepared myself for a big let down. I was somewhat surprised when I arrived, she was in pretty good shape, but the wiring is a mess. I am thinking on either buying a new harness or making a new one. Not sure, does anyone have a suggestion? The question I have for you guys is what does this unit compare too? Is it a tear off of a Honda? Does anyone know where I might be able to acquire a new harness? I appreciate you advise. By the way, I got it for $900.00