I just bought a 2017 Dominator 1000 5 seater, and I have a couple of questions for you experienced with the Odes machines.

1. There is a slight rattling noise when I take off and it comes back when I let off the accelerator. I have looked it over and can't pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

2. When I get up to about 30 mph or so it gets a winding noise that gets louder the faster I go. I did some reading today and saw several opinions on this. I haven't tried it in low yet, to see if the sound is there as well (going to try it tonight). My dad has a 900 Polaris Ranger and his has the same noise, just not on the same scale as the Odes I just bought.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing, and what are some options. I am mechanically inclined and enjoy wrenching (although the lack of YouTube videos on repairing these machines may hamper my attempts).