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Thread: Massimo MSU 500 hard to shift when engine running

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    Massimo MSU 500 hard to shift when engine running

    While I have read several threads with similar issues, I have not seen a answer to the problem that appears to be a fast idle preventing the clutch from fully disengaging.

    I have a 2017 Massimo MSU 500 with EFI and it has just a little over 200 hours. It has the wet clutch. Several months ago my wife (she drives it, not me) complained it was hard to shift in and out of gear. The motor is currently idling at 1600 rpm. Of course while it was shifting good, I never had a reason to look at the rpms so I have no idea what they should be, but from reading similar post, the engine idle should be lower. If you turn off the engine, if shifts easily and that is how we have been using it for several weeks. You put it into forward or reverse before you start the engine, turn off the engine and shift again.

    So far, I have performed the following maintenance procedures;

    Changed oil and filter
    Checked for vacuum leaks
    Cleaned throttle body
    Replaced IAC
    Reset ECM by removing battery cables for one hour.

    If I depress the plunger on the IAC all the way to the bottom and start the motor, it idles at 2200 rpms until the ECM signals the IAC and the idle drops back to 1600. If I pull the plunger out and install, the engine idle is too low and the engine stalls until the ECM signals the IAC to open up more. While it might idle at 1300 RPMS for a few minutes, it eventually ends back at 1600 rpms.

    Any ideas on what I should try would be appreciated.
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