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Thread: 2009 Qlink Frontrunner 700

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    2009 Qlink Frontrunner 700

    Ok here i am.... what i have is listed above.... got with 200 miles on it week ago now has around 300 miles...
    5700$$ and it came with nice moose plow and a good MileMarker winch 3500... A strap on windshield and cab cover... also a new winter cab...
    about a 250 mile trip to get it from Wi to MN......

    First day i had figured out that when going into low that one must hold it in place and give little gas to lock into gear. (a dealer on youtube also verifies that when talking about Linkage adjustment.) Tried to go up this black dirt pile i have... first in 2 wheel then 4wheel... will didnt know it at first but i broke the bead on my rear tire when in 2 wheel... Slowly went home put air in it. Still holding good.. Next morning other side was low.. HMMM topped off with air... still holding....

    2nd day I hit the water hole across driveway next to stop sign... not having it ready in 4x4 i went to far in and when i tried 4x4 it was kinda to late the water was just to high for this stock machine... belt got wet. (so did I)... yelled for my wife to bring the Suburban over and pulled me out... once the belt finally dried i was off again...

    4th day Me or my kid had put the parking brake on and guess what i rode it for little bit ON... like a half mile... machine started slowing down and i was like WTH and looked and o crap..... Damn brakes smoking.... I thought i was coming down WOLF CREEk pass with 40tons.... smoke and smell!!! Also busted off my right rear plastic guard... Ill put better after market onces on...
    also noticed rear diff oil on my brake...(told its the nut the loosened up and needs to be retightened... rear diff may have to be removes.. Ill find out more later.. ) wish i could find the filler hole.. :|..

    Ok prob half this stuff is my fault... And other part just kinda little things.... Happy so far... And Xtra happy i found this site...
    when We started getting past 1000 miles and are still saying I luv this machine then and only then can we start saying I got more than what i paid for...

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    Re: 2009 Qlink Frontrunner 700

    Keep up your routine maintenance it and it will last you far longer than you expected it to!
    What you will find is that almost every issue you have, you will find it on the Rhino also.

    Pro-Tech Your Powersports of the north. Sales, Service, & Parts. 763-442-9245 www.erpowersports.com Elk River Powersports

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    Re: 2009 Qlink Frontrunner 700

    The rear diff thing is common on both Rhinos and clones. If you end up taking the rear driveshaft out check the the nut that goes in the motor also, I just did mine the nut wasnt even finger tight. Its a sucky job but a buddy and I moved the rear diff back enought to get the driveshaft out, but your going to want to fix it before yours ends up like mine with oil friggin sprayed everywhere.
    Like Pro-Tech said Rhinos have there problems too. I love how some of the Rhino owners shit on clones but there all having the same problems. Have fun and keep us updated...

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    Re: 2009 Qlink Frontrunner 700

    Quote Originally Posted by goodiemob
    I love how some of the Rhino owners shit on clones but there all having the same problems.
    very true. sad thing for them is most of their parts are made in china and just shipped to japan to be assembled... ;D
    Kelley Motorsports LLC 563-920-3412 sales@kelleymotorsports.com
    Sales, Parts, and Service www.kelleymotorsports.com

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