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Thread: CVT belt replacement

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    CVT belt replacement

    Well it took me almost all day to replace the belt on my 800. and now I am much happier with the way it takes off. before it jerked real bad when you would take off, forward or reverse, I hated that. I purchased an Dayco XTX2236 off of Ebay and started on removeing the old belt. which is a pain in the rear, all those screws to remove. and taking the gas tank off.
    After I finally got to the belt. I found out that the service manual was wrong. it said that it took a 6mm bolt to seperate the pully. WELL they are wrong. I was lucky enough to find a bolt in my shop that fit. I was not able to measure the size, but I believe it is a 10mm.
    After a few choice words, I got it replaced, and everything back together, and what a difference. no more jerking when I take off or back up. not sure if the old belt was worn or not. when I purchased the 800 it was a demo. so no telling how people drove it.
    I am also installing a temp gauge, I am waiting on the inline hose adaptor to be delivered. I have already installed the gauge in the dash, I went with a digital readout (blue) I also had to change out the volt meter I originaly installed, I went with a TOPO volt meter this time. (digital).
    If anyone has any questions concerning the belt please feel free to ask.

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    Very Informative Post

    Replacing the faulty seat belt is very helpful for everyone. It is very useful for better safety of everyone. This technique is essayhave legit for making everyone safe. Thanks a lot for sharing such information about such useful, and amazing replacement technique. Thank You again!

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    I installed the same digital gauges (temp. oil press. volts) in my last Odes (14 Dominator). You can install the temp sensor in the front cylinder head. There is a 10mm plug near the thermostat that works better than using the hose mount. Amazon has the (Equus) fittings to adapt the 1/8"npt sensor to the 10mm connection in the head. I did a complete write-up on my installation (part#s, & pictures) on this site several years ago. Do a search, I am sure that it is still there.

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