Appears I am the first one on here so.....Just recently purchased a new Kymco 450i UTV after many months of research and test rides. I have found the Kimco to be of great quality when compared to many other popular brands. First a full year warranty, next about 30% less in overall cost.
Dropped the skid plates ( yes full skids plates from the factory) and examined the welds of the frame. All welds are full and complete all around the box frame, no hit and miss welds. Full powder coated frame not just paint. FI injected 450cc engine with a great reputation having been used in their ATV's for some time. Best vibration free ride and smoothest ride from all the test rides I have taken in many different brands. They have direct parts connection with a phone call at the NC factory. Only complaint in more than a year and a half of production on this model is the notchy shifter, it is tricky to get used to but it is getting better. Also comes with 25" tires, many brands come with smaller tires. Full independent suspension, bench seat for easier getting in and out and easy steering even in diff lock mode. So far I am quite impressed with this machine as has been 99% of their owners so far. For anyone interested in a mid sized UTV check this one out. I am an older mature gent from NW Ohio always looking for people to go riding with family is grownup and out on their own so now is my time to get out and enjoy the outdoors.