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Thread: Who wants a Smart Phone GPS APP that shows terrain pictures,seasonal roads,and ATV..?

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    Who wants a Smart Phone GPS APP that shows terrain pictures,seasonal roads,and ATV..?

    And! Doesn't need DATA or Cell service to use it? In fact I use AIRPLANE mode with it so it doesn't keep searching for signal.

    I must first say, I have nothing to do this this app as a company. I am just a consumer that is blown away with how cool it is. I would love a free subscription, but we all know that won't happen!

    I am a high tech redneck. So at first I used google maps on my phone. After using about 10 gigs of data in 2 weeks due to the full color satellite maps (great for seeing 2 tracks for seasonal roads), I began searching for the perfect APP. None of the GPS Apps I found did satellite view. They were all either geographic and land marking or for a regular car to use. And they ALL needed cell data to be on.


    I used this free Trimble Outdoors app at first. It limits the size of the map you can download, but it's great for a weekend run of a small area. I bought the $5 version to have access to the advanced features. I love being able to click, MARK, take photo.. then take a photo of a hidden lake or washed out bridge or landmark. Then when I get home I can show my route to my buddies with pictures.

    It not only lets me download satellite pictures of the terrain in full color, it also lets me download the seasonal road maps. There is 6 different ones to chose from, plus the next upgrade allows me to put overlays of my past trips or download the ORV route on top of my downloaded map.

    So basically, when you are in range of WIFI you highlight the area you plan to ride in. Then it asks you how far you want to be able to zoom in or zoom out when you are not in cell signal. then it saves it to your phone or tablet. Then when you are riding it automatically loads it.

    I love that you can tell it to "mark" your trail and makes them different colors each time you go out if you want to "use a past trip as a guide".

    After getting this I look at those $500 GPS waterproof units and think a $30 waterproof phone case and backup battery is all you need for this!

    Let me know if you use a different one. This one seems PERFECT so I would love to see a better one.
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